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Spring Break Homework
All grade levels will be given homework over break. The total amount of homework will be less than 2 hours (1 normal night of work). Please help us in ensuring your child completes all of their work!
8th Grade Hoodies Available
We have a few extra SENIOR HOODIES available for purchase. They are $30. Please stop in or call the office if you would like to purchase one!
8th Grade Ties
Senior parents please help us in ensuring our 8th graders are dressed professionally for school with their MAROON TIE and white button down shirt.
We are now collecting BOXTOPS! Please send them in with your child to give to Ms. Vawter. 5th & 6th graders will be having a ONE WEEK BOXTOPS CHALLENGE this upcoming week to see which homeroom can bring in the most. The winning 5th grade homeroom and winning 6th grade homeroom will both earn a surprise reward from Ms. Vawter.
Help Bring Archery to Valor
Mr. Martinez has a Donors Choose Project online to raise funds for Valor Academy scholars to experience ARCHERY during PE. If you’d like to donate the website is:
Parent Volunteers
Volunteers are needed Wednesday morning to support counting and organizing our cookie dough orders. Please contact Ms. Vawter with your preferred time to help so we can create a volunteer group to support on Wednesday at a set time.
Huge shout-out to our VALOR STUDENT COUNCIL for raising over $500 with their VALENTINE CANDY-GRAM SALES! Student Council will be voting on how to use these funds. A second shout-out to our SENIOR CLASS for raising over $200 with their SHAKEYS NIGHT FUNDRAISER! The 8th grade funds will go towards Senior Week.

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