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Extracurricular Summer Plans
Looking for a great summer activity for your child? Call Ms. Martinez or Ms. Pineda, our incredible CONNECTORS, to learn more about local summer opportunities for your child. We have SPORTS, LEADERSHIP, ARTS, MUSIC and lots of others!
Summer Homework
All grade levels received SUMMER WORK PACKETS. Please help ensure your child completes their work packet so they can start off next year on the right foot! As a reminder these packets are due the first week of school next year.
Valor Summer Hours
During the summer Valor administration, Valor connectors (counselors) and the main office staff will be working from 9 - 3pm Monday - Friday. Please let us know if you need anything or stop by to say hello when you are in the area! It can get a little lonely on campus! MAKE SURE TO STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES ON OUR VALOR FACEBOOK PAGE!
Parent Survey Thank You
Thank you Valor parents for completing our 2014-2015 END OF YEAR SURVEYS! We had a completion rate of 93% and are SO PROUD OF THIS.
Soccer and Volleyball Shout Outs!
Congratulations to our VACMS Boys Soccer Team who made it to the SEMI-FINALS. The team placed in the top 4 out of 30 teams. We are incredibly proud of these scholar-athletes. Congratulations as well to our VACMS Boys Volleyball Team who completed their season as UNDEFEATED champions!
4-5pm Afterschool
This week there will be no ASN AND NO TUTORING from 4-5pm. The last week of school there will be NO VALOR AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMMING AT ALL (ASN, TUTORING and DETENTION).
PE Archery
Thank you to all who donated to Mr. Martinez’s DonorsChoose to bring ARCHERY to VALOR! WE MADE IT! We raised over $1,000! Next year our scholars will have ARCHERY as part of their PE CLASS! SO EXCITING!

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